12 Easy Steps to discovering your Passion

Hello Friends! hope you are all well. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, and I’m really sorry for that. I’ve been away on medical leave; which, luckily, didn’t stop me from meditating on what I could come up with for all of you.

Well, I’m sure you have been through that chapter, where you are actually thinking of doing something which would stir your profoundest emotions, bring a dreamy and content look on your face, and make your heart race.

And that SOMETHING would become YOUR PASSION!

jumps on chair and waves hand around eagerly because I’ve been there too!

But how do we eventually find it?

  1. Pay close attention to your feelings

Your feelings are your true guide here. Surely, nothing can beat the goosebumps felt when we are surrounded by things we’ve longed for, or finally setting foot on our dream destination. So ask yourself: what thrills you and makes you truly happy?


  1. Listen to your heart


Clearly sums up what I would say. Think about yourself first because this is how you will know yourself better. Your passion is authentically yours. So just follow your intuition and be inspired!

  1. Listen to your close ones

It truly helps to be open about your ideas, talk about them and get feedback, from your close ones. The benefit is we are able to organise our own thoughts in a clearer way while explaining them, and we get even more insights from our nears and dears. Brownie points: we learn about their passions by expanding the communication doors, so they’ll probably find their vocation as well! 😉


  1. Tap on your uniqueness

This should be the most effortless of all. You are UNIQUE, there is no other YOU. Find your purpose in life. What values define you and what unique place do these have in your life? I’ve seen over time, these are what motivate us and make our activities meaningful. If you learn to embrace your skills and uniqueness, you will be able to find your talent.

  1. Have some higher order reflection, like for the benefit of mankind

Okay, I’m not asking you to take a step for mankind over the moon, unless you find that’s your passion, then by all means, please go for it! What I mean here, is to just stop and contemplate: if you could bring one change to the world, what would it be? Ponder over what you wish to do more and be remembered for in life?

  1. Let your dreams define you.

What dream do you hold inside but fear would never be possible? A dream you once abandoned because of numerous qualms? The dream which won’t make you hesitate to move out of your comfort zone? That would be your calling.


  1. Consider your pick-me-ups

Picture this: something you would do without getting paid. Or something you would do just to brighten someone’s day. These must be activities which passionate you, right? Try collecting inspiring quotes which will motivate you and are meaningful to you. Always works wonders for me.

  1. Don’t neglect a good dose of journal keeping

This tends to be slightly difficult with such a fast-paced life now. So I’ll take a little longer here. Self-reflection and self-assessment help in so many ways! Try scheduling 1-2 hours on any day of the week you prefer, to sit down and reflect. Noting down what you’ve done well in the past week attracts that well-deserved self-pat on the shoulder. Recognising what didn’t go so well helps in assessing what could’ve been done or said in a better way. Keeping track of everything in this way will set a path for a better and more successful you, helping you uncover what passionates you through your own strengths.

Wonderlass Stock Photo 3

  1. Don’t neglect “to-be” list-keeping either

Quite like the above, a “to-be” list helps us in being more forward-thinking and keeping our eyes glued on our goals.

  1. Confidence is key!

This goes for everything we do in life. Whatever it is, let’s do it with confidence, because nothing can stop confidence.


  1. There is no age to find your passion

You can find your true calling at any age, so don’t hesitate to start now! Remember, if you do not follow your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.

  1. Do not just breathe, live

Simple instruction words to help clear the mind: break the routine. Try a social media detox once in a while. Get a hobby. Go to the moon. Take a walk there. Come back. Or just stay there if you want to. But find your passion, and live it everyday!
I hope you the above have helped you all. I have for sure lived through them (although I haven’t envisaged the trip to the moon in my agenda yet) so I’m certain it will work for you as well.

Let me know how the above goes for you, and whether these simple steps have moved you closer to your passion. Hoping these help you dazzle in whichever field you choose!

All the best friends! xoxo


The fashion mistakes you don’t want to make, Guys – Vol. 1: Dress Shirts

You probably have had those times (lucky you, if you haven’t) where that fully rehearsed demeanor and natural confidence just isn’t projecting that wanted image because it is being marred by a sloppy and not-so-crisp outfit.

Well that shouldn’t be something to worry about, nor does it require any superpowers; just some extra time, thought, and maybe the below guide?

Dress Shirts

There are 5 points to bear in mind when choosing your dress shirt: the collar, the cuffs and sleeves, the shoulder seam, and the shirt length.

  1. The collar should only brush on your neck, without being too narrow and cramping it. The collar shouldn’t itself be moving with every twist of the neck and turn of the head. The acid test for the correct size would be to fit two fingers inside of the buttoned collar, sliding it across briefly, without feeling the tug against the neck.
  2. The cuffs really shouldn’t be covering the hands, nor uncovering the wrist bone. The desirable height would be where the palm begins, and not too loose: the thumb notch should stop the cuff from covering the hand. And you would want the cuff to cover the watch you are wearing.
  3. Since shirts come in standard sizes, it is sometimes difficult to cater for each and every particular body type. This is where tailors come in handy! Just as cuffs, sleeves can be a real problem. The key is to find the correct size balance: not too tight to draw out the details of the arms, not too loose to flap around.
  4. The shoulder seam is the easiest to judge correctly – from the shoulder bone – but the importance of it shouldn’t be disregarded, albeit a simple aspect.
  5. And lastly, the shirt length. Not a difficult one either, just need to be careful about what happens to the shirt during day-to-day movements. For example, you wouldn’t want the shirt to get untucked when bending, stretching to retrieve something or when folding your hands behind your head. Along the same line, having too tight armholes around the shoulder would also limit freedom of movement.

So the advice would be to ensure to check out those points when trying out your next shirts at the retailers. And of course, the key thing is to be comfortable in whatever you wear.

Do you have anything which you look out for in particular when buying dress shirts? Feel free to share in the comments section below, I’d love to hear about it!


Vol 1: Dress Shirts


Berluti mens leather shoes

Mens dress shirt
$27 – newchic.com

HUGO men s accessory
$125 – coggles.com


Yves Saint Laurent men s eyeglass
$315 – julian-fashion.com

Paco Rabanne men s fragrance
$105 – harveynichols.com

30 Fantastic Websites for All Your Travel Plans

1. Skyscanner

Looking to save time by visiting a flights-hotels-car hire website? Skyscanner is my favourite, because of the fantastic deals! Highly interactive – Searches for flights can easily be sorted by number of stops, departure and arrival times, airlines and whether you want to travel to and back through the same airport. (Useful if you are planning to travel around once in the destination country). And searches for hotels can be customized by hotel star rating, district location, cancellation policy, meal plans, and accommodation type. SkyScanner is for leisure travels. If you are looking for deals on business travel, check out the TravelPro version of SkyScanner below.


  • Dazzling Tip: Since the website is quite dynamic, you may want to decide on where you want to go well in advance, so check the website frequently before making your final choice. For me, this is the BEST one for locating package deals, especially those which are not-so-common choices.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: there is not much feedback from other users, so if you normally rely on these feedback to make your choices, you will not be able to find those.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.7 / 10

2. Travel pro

This one’s an extension of SkyScanner, so I won’t be long on it. It has all the advantages of the SkyScanner, and additionally since we all look to save time and costs while on business travel, it’s a good option to organize all your booking and to provide simplified reporting and accounting of all travel expenses for refunds.


  • Dazzling Tip: same tip as for SkyScanner PLUS it’s worth using for business travel.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: again, there is not much feedback from other users.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.8 / 10

3. Lonelyplanet

One of the first travel websites I’ve known. At that time, there was only the guide part, while you can now do the bookings for hotels, flights, car rentals, as well as adventure tours and sightseeing tours. Although these reservations are powered by other websites, like Booking.com and SkyScanner.


  • Dazzling Tip: the adventure and sightseeing tours are an interesting feature, which I haven’t seen on the other websites. Thus, if you are on the adventurous side, this one would appeal to you.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: don’t have much to say on this side J the lack of user reviews will probably discourage you if this is what you are looking for before booking.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.7 / 10

4. Booking.com

This one’s also a favourite, with promotional deals constantly updated, deals going up to 78% off, and a book-now-and-pay-when-you-stay feature. Most of the reservations come with free cancellations, for both leisure and business travel, with great informational content from other users, and a highly interactive interface. The searches can be easily sorted by your own requirements, e.g.: must-see landmark guides!


  • Dazzling Tip: it’s worth signing up, as you get more hidden deals and you log in.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: you need to be super quick to book as it’s a very popular website and the deals sell out fast. And it only gives you the possibility to book accommodations, unlike some other websites below. Also, there is no option to book for flights on the site.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.5 / 10

5. Hotels.com

How excited would you be if you knew that there would be secret prices on selected hotels? Or that you can get 1 night free if you collect 10 nights? Well, just check out Hotels.com and you would know.


Per user reviews, it’s the best site to reward customer loyalty. It’s a highly interactive one as you can filter your choices by star rating, distance from your landmarks (very useful for both business and leisure travel), as well as by themes (adventure, business, luxury, shopping, family, and much more!)

  • Dazzling Tip: sign up for fabulous rewards and prices. And I just LOVE the “deals of the day”, “last minute deals”, and “great deals in fabulous destinations” features on the site.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: does not have options for car hires or flights or cruises. This means that you can have better deals on other websites offering these as package deals, if you are travelling in from another country.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.3 / 10

6. GoEuro

“Find a better way to travel” with GoEuro. Options are vaster with this one since it offers booking for flights, trains, buses or blabla cars. Also, the search results come right up with the fare comparison for trains, flights and buses. You can therefore instantly make your choice through smartest (optimal combination of price, journey duration, and time of departure), cheapest, fastest, and departure and arrival times.


  • Dazzling Tip: comparing prices and making choices has never been easier than here!
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: the site offers only transportation option, so if you’re looking for accommodation and/or car rentals, you may want to budget for those as well from other websites.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.2 / 10

7. Hotwire

We all want to “make time for fun”, right? If your idea of fun is travelling and discovering new places, people and activities, then visit Hotwire. The bundle and save option is a cool one to select your flight, hotel and car rental in one place.


  • Dazzling Tip: in addition to the bundle and save option, you can also pre-book your transportation to and from the hotel, as well as things to do, while still getting interestingly-priced deals packages.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: for some places or dates, it’s difficult to book for the car rentals, so you might have to do that separately.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9.1 / 10

8. eDreams

“Great trips start with great prices”, right? eDreams gives you hotels, flights and cars options (excluding the cruise), like Kayak. Unlike Booking.com and Kayak though, eDreams is mainly focused on flights deals. The website does not advertise promotional deals, but it does show you the best deals directly in a flight + hotel package format, which I think is very cool. Guest ratings are powered by Trip Advisor, so you will have a fair share of accurate reviews. And most of the reservations come with free cancellations (in case you have last minute constraints).


  • Dazzling Tip: I personally like eDreams for this feature, especially when having to travel around Europe. Become a registered member to save all your trip details in one place, and check-in online through the “My Trips” area.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: this would be in line with the tip above, if you are short on time, and are looking for discounts or deals-of-the-day, this site might be or not be of help.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9 / 10

9. TripAdvisor

Isn’t TripAdvisor the first travel app you know of? Maybe because of the ease of downloading it on your mobile. I find it very useful thanks to the immense repertoire of reviews from other travel adepts. There are so many destinations, down to the tiniest town or village, and the search results are very nicely sorted. If you need restaurants, choose that feature. If you only want to go for sight-seeing, choose that. The sorting options are endless !


  • Dazzling Tip: if you know exactly which activities you want, or which cuisine you want to taste, or simply love ticking things off your life goals, then TripAdvisor is made for you.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: I am personally not a great fan of the booking portion on this website. But the feature is there, so you might as well use it. I only use it as a roadmap.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9 / 10

10. Priceline.com

Want to discover new deals every day? Visit priceline.com for hotels, cars, flights, vacation packages, cruises deals and more. Themed vacations are also suggested on this one.


  • Dazzling Tip: The Priceline rewards visa card lets you earn 5,000 bonus points after your first purchase, rewards points on purchases anywhere over the site and 5 times the rewards points on eligible purchases (T&C apply of course).
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: take your time around this one, as the results returned are not displayed in cheapest deal order, hence, don’t go for the first result you see but scroll down and search around a bit.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9 / 10

11. Jetsetter.com

You’ve worked really hard for a while, and just want to splurge on a luxury vacation? Check out Jetsetter.com! Fabulous deals on high-end hotels and destinations. I won’t any word on “cheap” deals here since it offers premium luxury packages. The deals are so dreamy and exotic, I’m already getting distracted from anything else…take me to Belize, Punta Cana, or Montego Bay…faraway vacations…


  • Dazzling Tip: go ahead, treat yourself because you deserve it!
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: simply put: not for those looking for cheap deals.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 9 / 10 (for the love of travel)

12. Easyjet

In Europe for a few months? You would definitely want to travel around Europe then. Easyjet offers some pretty cheap deals to travel anywhere you want in Europe, from London to Marrakech or from Luxembourg to Prague. Quite reliable ratings as well from my experience.


  • Dazzling Tip: the flight prices are low and great as part of the deal. Also in partnership with Booking.com regarding the “places to stay”, PLUS the option to select car rentals (partnering with Europcar), hence very convenient and low priced.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: easyjet is a low-cost airline, so you get the basic options only, i.e.: the transportation. Be sure to respect the hand luggage allowance, and have a good meal before flying or bring some snacks with you, if you don’t want to spend more than you already did.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.9 / 10

13. Opodo

Opodo scans through over 1.25million flights to find the cheapest flight options, so we can tick off the cheap prices and worldwide destination part. Free cancellation on most flights and airlines.


  • Dazzling Tip: Super fast and easy booking, if you have an account. And be sure to look out for and use your promo codes.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: no user reviews on this one, so if you normally rely on this, you might prefer other websites.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.8 / 10

14. Expedia

Expedia offers a lot of search options: flights, hotels, cars, cruises, things to do, just like Travelocity, as well as vacation rentals. With the plethora of user reviews to help you make an informed choice, and searches can be easily sorted by your own must-have requirements, e.g.: neighborhood, amenities, property type and vacation rentals: you increase your chances to earn and redeem Expedia points.


  • Dazzling Tip: take advantage of the Deals of the Day, and you may get 1 night free when booking the flight and the hotel together.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: if free cancellation is an important factor to help you decide, this website might not tempt you as the free cancellation option is only for 24 hours.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.5 / 10

15. Flixbus

Are you as excited as me for a bus trip? I’m sure you would if you love admiring the scenery! Flixbus’s only available for bus travel, and only within the Schengen region. A very useful website. You wouldn’t have the frequent ratings or reviews, but options like “travel tips”, “cancel and change”, “lost and found”, and on-board services such as Wi-Fi, snacks and drinks, plug sockets and toilet are available on al flixbuses – essential when you are in for long bus trips.


  • Dazzling Tip: do consult the travel tips on the website, you’ll find the best ski resorts, the best carnivals around Europe and the best shopping destinations. PLUS use the Interflix option for discovering 5 cities over Europe for EUR 99!
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: if you search harder or if do not find any trouble in travelling by train, you might get better prices to reach the same destinations by train.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.5 / 10

16. Orbitz

Another hotels-flights-cars-cruise worldwide website, with lots of interesting options. Remarkably, Orbitz has most of the features Expedia has: from the travel options, the rewards program, and Deals of the Day. Comes with great user reviews, and additionally displays TripAdvisor reviews along. My assessment will therefore be around the same as for Expedia.


  • Dazzling Tip: take advantage of the Deals of the Day, and you may get 1 night free when booking the flight and the hotel together.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: (again) if free cancellation is an important factor to help you decide, this website might not tempt you as the free cancellation option is only for 24 hours.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.5 / 10

17. Momondo

Have you ever visited a travel website, and got to select “Just take me anywhere”? Well this is what you can get from Momondo. If you just want to pack your bags and go just A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E around the world, I’ll strongly urge you to try this site. You might just be tempted to visit Denmark, Sweden, or Vietnam this time! And I just discovered there is a country named Eritrea.


  • Dazzling Tip: definitely use the “take me anywhere” feature.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: Momondo only provides flight booking options, and not accommodation or other rentals.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.3 / 10

18. Cruisecompete.com

Don’t want to take a flight? How about boarding a cruise ship? You’ve dreamed all your life of going on a cruise trip, then Cruisecompete.com brings all cruise offers on one spot. Gives the possibility to compare offers from multiple travel agencies, as well as discount specials. The destinations are worldwide, so there is surely something for all tastes. And there are lots of user reviews.


  • Dazzling Tip: bookings can be made 2 years in advance. It’s a great way to start saving up to that long-awaited trip.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: you will have to find a way to get to the departing port, since this is not included in the whole package.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8.2 / 10

19. Airfare watchdog

Want to save time by comparing several websites on one spot? Then, visit Airfare Watchdog. It doesn’t offer its own booking, but is more of a comparison tool. There are a lot of prices for both flights and hotels from a lot of other sites on this page displayed for you to compare.


  • Dazzling Tip: this is a real time-saver if you don’t want to visit several websites to compare prices; sign up for the money-saving alerts
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: Airfare Watchdog does not provide its own bookings and offers, and you can compare only flight prices.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 8 / 10

20. Travelocity

“Wander Wisely” is your motto? Travelocity offers a lot of search options: flights, hotels, cars, cruises, AND … things to do ! Coolest feature on this one. Find promotional deals, around 20% off, and some of the reservations come with free cancellations. The site itself is moderately interactive and customizable.


  • Dazzling Tip: if you want to book everything on a one-stop website, this is the one for you.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: it’s not very easy to navigate through the website, and sometimes well-reputed airports are not recognized (and have to be changed on the search prompt). This one also cannot be customized for leisure or travel. No reviews by other users.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7.7 / 10

21. Jetcost

Looking for highly interactive worldwide hotel searches, and very good deals on the best hotels? The deals on Jetcost are cheapest as compared to the above websites for travel within Europe. However, for other countries, Jetcost returns higher costs than SkyScanner, and Kayak. You can still use the informational reviews by other users though.


  • Dazzling Tip: if travelling within Europe, I recommend you use this website. Even if you are booking for a week after, the deals are very good.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: a bit lengthy to navigate through unlike the above websites.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7.6 / 10

22. Seat61

Love travelling by train? Seat61 gives train travel options for wherever you are in the world. Advices are not only for train routes but for the timing and prices as well. Great website for planning trips at the last minute.


  • Dazzling Tip: at times train travel can be cheaper than even the lower-cost airline, and this is a good comparison website for train fares.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: there is so much information on the website, if you are pressed for time or not very patient, you will quickly get tired of the website and move somewhere else.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7.5 / 10

23. SNCB Europe

Another cool website for train travel, but only within Europe. The easy booking, comfortable travel, and extra services make it a very enjoyable travel mode.


  • Dazzling Tip: use it for easy train booking and comparison, and detailed information on the travel routes you would be taking.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: the pricing details are only for travel lines served by SNCB Europe, which means other websites have to be used for price comparisons.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7.2 / 10

24. Kayak.com

The best thing about Kayak is that you can book hotels, as well as cruises, flights and cars from here. The promotional deals constantly updated, and the deals go up to 35% when signed in. Some of the reservations come with free cancellations (and some don’t). Kayak is available for both casual and business travel.


  • Dazzling Tip: if you want to book everything on a one-stop website, this is the one for you.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: Not so interactive – Searches can only be sorted by review score, hotel star rating and freebies; and there are also not much information available from other users.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7 / 10

25. Airbnb

I think this is available for ALL countries over the world #beautifulworld

A heart-warming gesture from Airbnb has been to offer accommodation for Syrian refugees, which actually shows just how far-reaching it is. Airbnb is probably one of the cheapest accommodation method around, and you can login as both traveler and host.


  • Dazzling Tip: wherever you may be, you’ll get an accommodation with Airbnb. There are also themed offers, such as food & drink experiences, styling & wrapping and much more!
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: if you prefer the facilities provided by luxury hotels, then you won’t probably find what you want here.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7 / 10

26. Trivago

Looking for a comfortable online experience? A very user-friendly and happy site (love those little smiley faces and cute icons) all over the place, make it less boring and a very cool online experience. The deals are quite okay as well, around 20% off. Reliable reviews by other users.


  • Dazzling Tip: visit this one if you want a comfortable online experience and reliable reviews.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: well, it might be a plus point as well) Trivago collates information from several websites, and sorts them in one place.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 7 / 10

27. Homeaway

Lets you rent everything from condos to beach houses, cabins, castles, or villas. The website is very informative as it provides lots of important details about the available accommodations, and lots of user reviews.


  • Dazzling Tip: if you want more interaction with local people instead of hotel employees, then Homeaway would really be “Home away from home” for you.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: if you prefer the facilities provided by luxury hotels, then you won’t probably find what you want here.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 6.8 / 10

28. Whichbudget.com

Been dreaming of that expensive travel destination for a while? Available for most countries over the world, the novel option is to choose the cheapest flight “whenever” you want to flight, which means, you can keep a watch on your dream destination to fly at any point in the future.


  • Dazzling Tip: use the “whenever” option to track your favorite destination flight prices and start saving.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: there are at times too many bugs which render booking on the site itself difficult. What you can do, is to note down the price and date displayed on the right while entering the search criteria, then search it on other websites.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 6.5 / 10

29. Yapta.com

Yapta.com is part of the Kayak group, as well as TripAdvisor reviews. It doesn’t have so great promotional deals, if compared to the other websites. It features both personal and corporate travel, and options for flights and cars.


  • Dazzling Tip: the “track price drop” is a superb feature. If the price drops below what has already been paid, Yapta helps you get refund for the drop.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: not a very interactive website, it’s resembles more to a search engine.
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 6 / 10

30. Wanderlust and lipstick

Are you one of those travel junkies who make travel decisions based on blog posts and other people’s advice? Try Wanderlust and lipstick. Basically, a women-focused travel site, providing tips, reviews, information and inspiration, this site is quite resourceful. Beth, the owner of the site provides some really sound advice for travelling, and I think it would be interesting to follow her.


  • Dazzling Tip: check this one out if you need travel tips and destination ideas.
  • What’s not so dazzling about it: no booking options, hence this should be read in conjunction with other booking sites.
  • Mobile app available: No
  • Shall We Dazzle Rating : 6 / 10

I have visited a few other websites such as Voyaz (also available in app format) and Bravofly. But they didn’t really make the list for me, because Voyaz is a bit new and therefore not very resourceful, and Bravofly should be remedied so that the load of information can shine through.

Do you have any websites which you love and which i haven’t covered above? I’ll love to hear about them, and also don’t forget to post your pictures with views from atop ! Cheers, Dazzlers !

What do the Senses say about Indian Gastronomy?

The assortment of tastes tells,
Enticingly spicy and aromatic smells
So many flavours,
So many colours
Hot and refreshing,
My senses are buzzing

The round shape of the Golgappa,
The cooling effect of the Raita
Sweet Tamarind peeking around to tame,
Fiery Cumin exciting the piquant flame
Tangy taste of chutney and pickle,
My palate they tickle

Papadums, so crispy
And Naans, so chewy
The spices obliterate a favourite jalapeno,
While I embrace the subtle taste of mashed potato

Taking me back to the root,
Will make me cheer, and not hoot
What’s better than Indian food,
Heaven must be feeling this good.

Chutneys and Pickle
Golgappas and Tamarind Chutney
Clockwise from top left: Dal Makhani, Naan, Vegetable Raita, Tandoori Fish

Jeans on Jeans

Jeans on jeans – this is something I want to try lately. From memory, the last time I wore a jeans jacket was in 2004, and it happened to be paired with jeans (because I LIVED in jeans back then!).

So here I am, trying to come up with the complete look before I venture out to look for the pieces.

I started with the J.Crew jeans jacket, because this is the main thing I want to wear. Then I chose a simple A-line Madewell jeans skirt, for a girly feel, because the jacket I selected is in a very classic cut which I think would give a masculine aspect if paired with jean pants.

To accessorise, a simple Jadetribe pompom clutch (because I am T.O.T.A.L.L.Y in love with pompom ever since I bought one America & Beyond pompom shoulder bag from ASOS). I liked a hot pink D&G handbag and a baby pink Dior as well, but not with this look – that would have contrasted too much with the grungy style.

Then, Valentino ballerinas in nude noisette colour, so as not to steal the limelight from the handbag. I like accentuating on one item in the outfit only in terms of colour, and then keeping the rest in the same colour family – feels less cluttered, more breathing space.

The earrings are simple Carolee rose gold button earrings. In my opinion, button earrings are THE thing which make girls look so so cute! ^_^ for me, they definitely bring cuteness to any face structure, be it hot and sexy, stern, timid; button earrings just have their own charm.
That’s the only jewellery piece I would like to wear with it. No bracelet, as I might not want to roll up my sleeves. And even if I do, it’s no sin to be sparse with your jewellery.

Simple makeup as well, for the eyes and lips. Charlotte Tilbury’s cream eyeshadow in nude, and Chanel Rouge Allure lip-gloss. I would want to just apply a light stroke in my inner eye rim, to intensify the eyes, without making it seemed dolled-up with too much eyeliner.

Last accessory piece: just look at that iPhone jeans casing, cutest thing I’ve seen today, the jeans pocket with makeup brushes peeking out. I’ve actually thought of keeping makeup brushes with me in this way. Once. Long-time back.

And if you are hitting town during daylight, don’t forget your sunglasses! These ones are Linda Farrow aviator sunglasses, and I especially love the rose-gold colour.

Jeans on Jeans

J Crew stripe jacket
$94 – net-a-porter.com

Valentino slip on flat
$560 – fashionette.co.uk

JADEtribe clutch

Iphoria iphone cover case
$51 – shopbop.com

Chanel glossy lip gloss


Turns out I (and actually all the people I know) have been living a lie all this while. I’ve been calling it Ah-sos since 2012 when I first purchased from the website. Although nothing beats the real shopping sprees for me, I adore that website for its free shipping, yipeee !

Then, I came across a Cosmopolitan article by Danielle Tullo, who sheds some light on how the actual ASOS people call their business, and voilà, it’s: ACE-OSS!

So you see? We’re always learning new things, and getting our minds blown everywhere.

That was about the phonetics, grammar and all literature I could give you on ASOS for today. Let’s move to the pictures below now.

I wanted to show all you dazzlers my outfit for the fashion/makeup show I went to last Saturday, spoken about in my previous post Adornment.

I was in black, because that’s the classiest colour I know of, and I L.O.V.E it. That’s a Yumi black jumpsuit pictured, in a very comfy light woven fabric, and a pretty embossed lace bodice. I especially loved the large pants.

I added a pair of Carla Berotti black high heels sandals with AB crystals, to stay in the same tone, but with some sparkles. And sky blue nail polish in Avon’s Arctic Waters.

And since we obviously cannot not accessorise, I added splash of colours to the outfit from my Cara NY earrings, bracelet and an America & Beyond cross-body bag.

For me, this handbag was the PERFECT match to this outfit and occasion, as it’s a very colourful bag, quirky with those little pompoms (^_^), gives an Indian touch to the look, and because I needed something quite large to carry my Canon to click away throughout the event.

Now you must be thinking about why I chose the title above for the article right? Simply because, except for the shoes, I got the whole outfit from ASOS!

If you liked my look or even if you did not, please leave a comment in the section below to let me know, subscribe to my website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter , and keep dazzling!



First post for 2017 Dazzlers, Wish you all a very happy new year!

I am thrilled to start this year’s series with some exciting stuff: a makeup and fashion show!

Lady behind all of this: Sajeda Yadallee – a MUA with over 10 years’ experience, whom I’ve had the chance to meet during the event – sweet lady, she is!

So, this was her first show: Adorn. And we can of course go on and on, on the importance of adorning for ladies of every age.

First fashion and makeup show? It was my first as well! Hence, a super cool experience. Cherry on the cake: front row VIP tickets, and being able to see those gorgeous outfits and beautifully done faces up-close.

Interestingly, the eye-treat was not from outfits or makeup, but also from the hairstyles and accessories. Yay, for fashion treats!!

Casual chic, evening, Arabian, and bridal – we got to see them all, and in great ambience.

My personal favourite outfit was the red crop top and the white calf-length flowery skirt, paired with nude shoes and handbag. Just loved it.

My favourite makeup was the evening one matching the black dress. It’s one of the evening makeup looks from Sajeda’s repertoire. I seriously need to adopt this.

Enough said. I will now let you revel in the pictures from the event. They speak for themselves.

Enjoy dazzlers!


My Favourite Outfit


My Favourite Makeup Look


To choose or not to choose, that is the question


The norm these days is to adopt the herd mentality, because it’s the easiest thing to do. The world, and what everyone else is doing is only a thumb-touch away, so why engage in the nuisance of conceiving something new?

A few people, hither and thither, are making the effort to bust the myths and try new things. Like the first video of 100-layers of whatsoever which triggered hundreds of other 100-layers ones. You must have come across videos of those who’ve tried a hundreds of layers of foundation (please just let the skin breathe) or hundreds of layers of nail polish (sometimes it’s so hard to properly remove the layers of base-polish-polish-top coats, I wonder how unbearable the hundred layers were! ).

Disclaimer: note that the above is not an example of a valuable experiment, for me.

Even so, I truly appreciate the fact that there are people who are experimenting with those things. I must admit, I love seeing tried-and-tested stuff. Not because I will want to follow the lead and try a variation of the experiment myself. Only because I learn from them, and they motivate me to look out for new (hopefully, useful-for-everyone) things to try !

The mother of invention does not always have to be necessity. It can also be a sense of altruism, and for the betterment of mankind (okay, at least for the people surrounding us, for a start)

Yes! I assure you, we all have inventor-genes, as humans. Think along the lines of survival instincts, life hacks, and you will be surprised at how much potential you may have 

So, believe in yourself and choose: whether to take the beaten path, or to carve your own !

When are the next island holidays?

Holidaying on an island is the best form of relaxation I know of! Being an islander myself, I always long for holidays in bustling cities like London, Milan or Luxembourg (let’s face it, nothing beats shopping in these places, right?). Still, there is something so rejuvenating with dawdling on an island that you just feel like going back.

One such island is the Zanzibar island, located some 2.5 hours north-east, by a really cool ferry trip, from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

TBH, Zanzibar was unknown to me until the planned trip. Yet I was amazed by all that the island had to offer: the slave route (I got goosebumps from all that history running around), the absolutely fantastic Sea-Cliff Resort and Spa (and I’ll get back to that below), the prison island (have you ever seen water this blue?), and the spice route (discovery, discovery).

Back to the resort, I hadn’t felt so peaceful in ages before that, close to a retreat…couldn’t bring myself to leave the place (Nooooooo!…).

In Anticipation of my next holidays…Zanzibar stays engraved in my mind and I still get this comforting feeling when I think of it. The food, the aura, the authentic Africa feel, the balmy night breeze, the undefiled air, the graceful blending of everything, something compelling you to simply relax and let go… Can I please go back?

Dusk in Sea Cliff Resort
Aqua Ad Infinitum
Approaching Prison Island
The Old Prison

Sunset, Sea, and Solitude

Imagine spending a tiring day at work.
Imagine now closing your laptop, ready to go home.
What if, instead of going home, you decide on a detour by the seaside!
Tempting, isn’t it?
To enjoy the beautiful sunset, the cool sand, the soft breeze, the calming sound of the sea waves, feet in the water, sipping on fresh coconut water…
Your own personal solitude
My way to relax