A Tiny Ensemble


Total cuteness! Just what I thought when I saw this miniature Indian dress – a complete salwar-kameez outfit – made by Maman. She is so happy with this Tiny outfit. I, am delighted!

It has taught me one new thing today again – fashion and fashion ideas will come to you in the hugest form or even the tiniest structure, and definitely not necessarily by spending a fortune on.

You may try using this method of making a dummy, if you are interested in these types of art. You will definitely get a pretty fair picture of what your desired result would be. It will help you decide whether the results you are getting from the dummy are actually the desired one, before investing humongous amounts in raw materials, and not being able to create a sustainable business out of this.

So, for everyone interested in fashion and interior designing, or any such other art form, I would urge you do try putting your ideas in your tiny models. Just ignite the spark. And let us know how it went!

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