Facial Oils and their benefits

I know this must have been around since a long time, but the fad is only quite recent: face oils ❤

You probably wouldn’t want to apply oil to your face if you cringe at the thought of doing the same to your hair. But face oils are really THE thing to keep your face hydrated and glowing.

I absolutely love this one: the Avon Miracle Glow. It’s the first I have tried, and absolutely wonderful.

I’ve made a list of some tried-and-tested reasons on why I think you should try face oils:

  1. It takes moisturising to another level, combined with day cream or night cream, these will make the skin supple and give it that much wanted elasticity for a younger look.
  2. The lightweight formula triggers better absorption and will boost the active ingredients in your cream. So that doubles the benefit.
  3. It basically acts as food to your skin because of the natural botanical oils in it.
  4. Facial oil gives a calming and softening feeling to the skin, so bye-bye to irritation.
  5. Then there is that rebalancing benefit (think along good cholesterol fighting the bad one), that’s what happens as it helps rebalance the excess oil production in the skin.
  6. And just because it gives that much sought-after glow!

Here are a few of other facial oils you can try. Keep dazzling! xoxo

Facial Oils and their benefits

L Oréal Paris face care
$25 – thehut.com

Natura Bissé face care
$170 – net-a-porter.com

Clinique skin care

Christian Dior face care

Manuka face care
$25 – thehut.com

Guerlain face care
$110 – harrods.com


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