When are the next island holidays?

Holidaying on an island is the best form of relaxation I know of! Being an islander myself, I always long for holidays in bustling cities like London, Milan or Luxembourg (let’s face it, nothing beats shopping in these places, right?). Still, there is something so rejuvenating with dawdling on an island that you just feel like going back.

One such island is the Zanzibar island, located some 2.5 hours north-east, by a really cool ferry trip, from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

TBH, Zanzibar was unknown to me until the planned trip. Yet I was amazed by all that the island had to offer: the slave route (I got goosebumps from all that history running around), the absolutely fantastic Sea-Cliff Resort and Spa (and I’ll get back to that below), the prison island (have you ever seen water this blue?), and the spice route (discovery, discovery).

Back to the resort, I hadn’t felt so peaceful in ages before that, close to a retreat…couldn’t bring myself to leave the place (Nooooooo!…).

In Anticipation of my next holidays…Zanzibar stays engraved in my mind and I still get this comforting feeling when I think of it. The food, the aura, the authentic Africa feel, the balmy night breeze, the undefiled air, the graceful blending of everything, something compelling you to simply relax and let go… Can I please go back?

Dusk in Sea Cliff Resort
Aqua Ad Infinitum
Approaching Prison Island
The Old Prison

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