To choose or not to choose, that is the question


The norm these days is to adopt the herd mentality, because it’s the easiest thing to do. The world, and what everyone else is doing is only a thumb-touch away, so why engage in the nuisance of conceiving something new?

A few people, hither and thither, are making the effort to bust the myths and try new things. Like the first video of 100-layers of whatsoever which triggered hundreds of other 100-layers ones. You must have come across videos of those who’ve tried a hundreds of layers of foundation (please just let the skin breathe) or hundreds of layers of nail polish (sometimes it’s so hard to properly remove the layers of base-polish-polish-top coats, I wonder how unbearable the hundred layers were! ).

Disclaimer: note that the above is not an example of a valuable experiment, for me.

Even so, I truly appreciate the fact that there are people who are experimenting with those things. I must admit, I love seeing tried-and-tested stuff. Not because I will want to follow the lead and try a variation of the experiment myself. Only because I learn from them, and they motivate me to look out for new (hopefully, useful-for-everyone) things to try !

The mother of invention does not always have to be necessity. It can also be a sense of altruism, and for the betterment of mankind (okay, at least for the people surrounding us, for a start)

Yes! I assure you, we all have inventor-genes, as humans. Think along the lines of survival instincts, life hacks, and you will be surprised at how much potential you may have 

So, believe in yourself and choose: whether to take the beaten path, or to carve your own !

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