First post for 2017 Dazzlers, Wish you all a very happy new year!

I am thrilled to start this year’s series with some exciting stuff: a makeup and fashion show!

Lady behind all of this: Sajeda Yadallee – a MUA with over 10 years’ experience, whom I’ve had the chance to meet during the event – sweet lady, she is!

So, this was her first show: Adorn. And we can of course go on and on, on the importance of adorning for ladies of every age.

First fashion and makeup show? It was my first as well! Hence, a super cool experience. Cherry on the cake: front row VIP tickets, and being able to see those gorgeous outfits and beautifully done faces up-close.

Interestingly, the eye-treat was not from outfits or makeup, but also from the hairstyles and accessories. Yay, for fashion treats!!

Casual chic, evening, Arabian, and bridal – we got to see them all, and in great ambience.

My personal favourite outfit was the red crop top and the white calf-length flowery skirt, paired with nude shoes and handbag. Just loved it.

My favourite makeup was the evening one matching the black dress. It’s one of the evening makeup looks from Sajeda’s repertoire. I seriously need to adopt this.

Enough said. I will now let you revel in the pictures from the event. They speak for themselves.

Enjoy dazzlers!


My Favourite Outfit


My Favourite Makeup Look


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