12 Easy Steps to discovering your Passion

Hello Friends! hope you are all well. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, and I’m really sorry for that. I’ve been away on medical leave; which, luckily, didn’t stop me from meditating on what I could come up with for all of you.

Well, I’m sure you have been through that chapter, where you are actually thinking of doing something which would stir your profoundest emotions, bring a dreamy and content look on your face, and make your heart race.

And that SOMETHING would become YOUR PASSION!

jumps on chair and waves hand around eagerly because I’ve been there too!

But how do we eventually find it?

  1. Pay close attention to your feelings

Your feelings are your true guide here. Surely, nothing can beat the goosebumps felt when we are surrounded by things we’ve longed for, or finally setting foot on our dream destination. So ask yourself: what thrills you and makes you truly happy?


  1. Listen to your heart


Clearly sums up what I would say. Think about yourself first because this is how you will know yourself better. Your passion is authentically yours. So just follow your intuition and be inspired!

  1. Listen to your close ones

It truly helps to be open about your ideas, talk about them and get feedback, from your close ones. The benefit is we are able to organise our own thoughts in a clearer way while explaining them, and we get even more insights from our nears and dears. Brownie points: we learn about their passions by expanding the communication doors, so they’ll probably find their vocation as well! 😉


  1. Tap on your uniqueness

This should be the most effortless of all. You are UNIQUE, there is no other YOU. Find your purpose in life. What values define you and what unique place do these have in your life? I’ve seen over time, these are what motivate us and make our activities meaningful. If you learn to embrace your skills and uniqueness, you will be able to find your talent.

  1. Have some higher order reflection, like for the benefit of mankind

Okay, I’m not asking you to take a step for mankind over the moon, unless you find that’s your passion, then by all means, please go for it! What I mean here, is to just stop and contemplate: if you could bring one change to the world, what would it be? Ponder over what you wish to do more and be remembered for in life?

  1. Let your dreams define you.

What dream do you hold inside but fear would never be possible? A dream you once abandoned because of numerous qualms? The dream which won’t make you hesitate to move out of your comfort zone? That would be your calling.


  1. Consider your pick-me-ups

Picture this: something you would do without getting paid. Or something you would do just to brighten someone’s day. These must be activities which passionate you, right? Try collecting inspiring quotes which will motivate you and are meaningful to you. Always works wonders for me.

  1. Don’t neglect a good dose of journal keeping

This tends to be slightly difficult with such a fast-paced life now. So I’ll take a little longer here. Self-reflection and self-assessment help in so many ways! Try scheduling 1-2 hours on any day of the week you prefer, to sit down and reflect. Noting down what you’ve done well in the past week attracts that well-deserved self-pat on the shoulder. Recognising what didn’t go so well helps in assessing what could’ve been done or said in a better way. Keeping track of everything in this way will set a path for a better and more successful you, helping you uncover what passionates you through your own strengths.

Wonderlass Stock Photo 3

  1. Don’t neglect “to-be” list-keeping either

Quite like the above, a “to-be” list helps us in being more forward-thinking and keeping our eyes glued on our goals.

  1. Confidence is key!

This goes for everything we do in life. Whatever it is, let’s do it with confidence, because nothing can stop confidence.


  1. There is no age to find your passion

You can find your true calling at any age, so don’t hesitate to start now! Remember, if you do not follow your dreams, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.

  1. Do not just breathe, live

Simple instruction words to help clear the mind: break the routine. Try a social media detox once in a while. Get a hobby. Go to the moon. Take a walk there. Come back. Or just stay there if you want to. But find your passion, and live it everyday!
I hope you the above have helped you all. I have for sure lived through them (although I haven’t envisaged the trip to the moon in my agenda yet) so I’m certain it will work for you as well.

Let me know how the above goes for you, and whether these simple steps have moved you closer to your passion. Hoping these help you dazzle in whichever field you choose!

All the best friends! xoxo

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