About Me

I started this blog to interact with people like me, those who also felt the pressure to belong, to retain their identity and integrity, fight in a world where nowadays there are people who are only looking for shortcuts to succeed.

I want you all to share your feelings and opinions, to pursue your dreams even while having a career, to search within yourself and find that one (or more than one) thing which will pick you up whenever you are feeling down or under pressure. That one thing will be the ray of hope for you. My wish is that I am able to help you, that in turn we are all able to help each other. I know there is a lot I can learn from you all, so we can all build a better world for tomorrow, with lesser depression and lesser hatred.

So, if you feel you can relate with me on the above, just click on the “Like” button on my Instagram and Facebook pages, and the “Follow” button on my Twitter and WordPress pages, so we can be in touch.

So, keep dazzling, and don’t forget to ignite the spark! xoxo