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What do the Senses say about Indian Gastronomy?

The assortment of tastes tells,
Enticingly spicy and aromatic smells
So many flavours,
So many colours
Hot and refreshing,
My senses are buzzing

The round shape of the Golgappa,
The cooling effect of the Raita
Sweet Tamarind peeking around to tame,
Fiery Cumin exciting the piquant flame
Tangy taste of chutney and pickle,
My palate they tickle

Papadums, so crispy
And Naans, so chewy
The spices obliterate a favourite jalapeno,
While I embrace the subtle taste of mashed potato

Taking me back to the root,
Will make me cheer, and not hoot
What’s better than Indian food,
Heaven must be feeling this good.

Chutneys and Pickle
Golgappas and Tamarind Chutney
Clockwise from top left: Dal Makhani, Naan, Vegetable Raita, Tandoori Fish

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Seasonal Fruits !

If there is one thing that stops me from envying our friends up north, it’s definitely the season’s fruits in our southern tropics. Here in Mauritius, we are all super exhilarated when our lucky-owners-of-a-lychee-tree neighbours gift us the first bunch of red lychees of the season, when we see the beautiful mangoes go from green to yellow and red on the mango trees, when we taste the much-awaited sweet and juicy watermelons, and just wishing for that thirst-quenching coconut water during the hot days.

These uplift my senses so much, I sometimes think a beautiful, carefully-selected bundle of these, as a Christmas gift, would certainly not be a bad idea!

Anyway, I’ve scoured the local market a bit to find out if we could get them already. Nearly there, nearly there. We’ll just have to wait a puny bit more, because really, It’s Not This Time of Year Without… them!

So what’s your favourite seasonal fruit? We’d love to hear about them.

Till then, sharing a few pictures from my market trip. Keep dazzling!

Coconuts and a Lovely Lady
Mangoes, Mangoes and Mangoes!
Lychees and Mangoes