Fashion & Beauty

The fashion mistakes you don’t want to make, Guys – Vol. 1: Dress Shirts - You probably have had those times (lucky you, if you haven’t) where that fully rehearsed demeanor and natural confidence just isn’t projecting that wanted image because it is being marred by a sloppy and not-so-crisp outfit. Well that shouldn’t be something to worry about, nor does it require any superpowers; just some extra time, thought, […]
Jeans on Jeans - Jeans on jeans – this is something I want to try lately. From memory, the last time I wore a jeans jacket was in 2004, and it happened to be paired with jeans (because I LIVED in jeans back then!). So here I am, trying to come up with the complete look before I venture […]
ASOS: AH-SOS or ACE-OSS? - Turns out I (and actually all the people I know) have been living a lie all this while. I’ve been calling it Ah-sos since 2012 when I first purchased from the website. Although nothing beats the real shopping sprees for me, I adore that website for its free shipping, yipeee ! Then, I came across a […]
Adornment - First post for 2017 Dazzlers, Wish you all a very happy new year! I am thrilled to start this year’s series with some exciting stuff: a makeup and fashion show! Lady behind all of this: Sajeda Yadallee – a MUA with over 10 years’ experience, whom I’ve had the chance to meet during the event […]
Safari Night Party -   Safari Night Party by shallwedazzle featuring a gold cuff bangle White a line dress Stuart Weitzman suede flat $405 – Furla red crossbody Rosantica gold cuff bangle Mark Davis handcrafted earrings Avigail Adam hair comb accessory $55 – Burberry shiny lip gloss $34 – Yves Saint Laurent palette eyeshadow
Facial Oils and their benefits - I know this must have been around since a long time, but the fad is only quite recent: face oils ❤ You probably wouldn’t want to apply oil to your face if you cringe at the thought of doing the same to your hair. But face oils are really THE thing to keep your face hydrated and […]
A Tiny Ensemble - Total cuteness! Just what I thought when I saw this miniature Indian dress – a complete salwar-kameez outfit – made by Maman. She is so happy with this Tiny outfit. I, am delighted! It has taught me one new thing today again – fashion and fashion ideas will come to you in the hugest form or even the tiniest […]

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