Safari Night Party

Safari Night Party


White a line dress

Stuart Weitzman suede flat
$405 –

Furla red crossbody

Rosantica gold cuff bangle

Avigail Adam hair comb accessory
$55 –

Burberry shiny lip gloss
$34 –


Porlwi By Light – A very little glimpse

Sometimes the unexpected is more beautiful…

These are the only pictures, I managed to get from the PorlwiByLight festival. Was so eager to be part of the festival and make the most of it that I was ready to go there on all 3 days it was being held. The only killjoy was the rain as they had to stop the lighting arrangements for security reasons. Still it was a beautiful feeling, filled with eager people from all over the country, to enjoy a truly Mauritian event.

But despite the rain, I am still very much determined in going back the next time such a festival is organised !

So if you are coming to Mauritius, do make it a must to plan your trip during early December when you can enjoy the Porlwi by Light ! Keep dazzling, xoxo


Facial Oils and their benefits

I know this must have been around since a long time, but the fad is only quite recent: face oils ❤

You probably wouldn’t want to apply oil to your face if you cringe at the thought of doing the same to your hair. But face oils are really THE thing to keep your face hydrated and glowing.

I absolutely love this one: the Avon Miracle Glow. It’s the first I have tried, and absolutely wonderful.

I’ve made a list of some tried-and-tested reasons on why I think you should try face oils:

  1. It takes moisturising to another level, combined with day cream or night cream, these will make the skin supple and give it that much wanted elasticity for a younger look.
  2. The lightweight formula triggers better absorption and will boost the active ingredients in your cream. So that doubles the benefit.
  3. It basically acts as food to your skin because of the natural botanical oils in it.
  4. Facial oil gives a calming and softening feeling to the skin, so bye-bye to irritation.
  5. Then there is that rebalancing benefit (think along good cholesterol fighting the bad one), that’s what happens as it helps rebalance the excess oil production in the skin.
  6. And just because it gives that much sought-after glow!

Here are a few of other facial oils you can try. Keep dazzling! xoxo

Facial Oils and their benefits

L Oréal Paris face care
$25 –

Natura Bissé face care
$170 –

Clinique skin care

Christian Dior face care

Manuka face care
$25 –

Guerlain face care
$110 –

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…Seasonal Fruits !

If there is one thing that stops me from envying our friends up north, it’s definitely the season’s fruits in our southern tropics. Here in Mauritius, we are all super exhilarated when our lucky-owners-of-a-lychee-tree neighbours gift us the first bunch of red lychees of the season, when we see the beautiful mangoes go from green to yellow and red on the mango trees, when we taste the much-awaited sweet and juicy watermelons, and just wishing for that thirst-quenching coconut water during the hot days.

These uplift my senses so much, I sometimes think a beautiful, carefully-selected bundle of these, as a Christmas gift, would certainly not be a bad idea!

Anyway, I’ve scoured the local market a bit to find out if we could get them already. Nearly there, nearly there. We’ll just have to wait a puny bit more, because really, It’s Not This Time of Year Without… them!

So what’s your favourite seasonal fruit? We’d love to hear about them.

Till then, sharing a few pictures from my market trip. Keep dazzling!

Coconuts and a Lovely Lady
Mangoes, Mangoes and Mangoes!
Lychees and Mangoes

A Tiny Ensemble


Total cuteness! Just what I thought when I saw this miniature Indian dress – a complete salwar-kameez outfit – made by Maman. She is so happy with this Tiny outfit. I, am delighted!

It has taught me one new thing today again – fashion and fashion ideas will come to you in the hugest form or even the tiniest structure, and definitely not necessarily by spending a fortune on.

You may try using this method of making a dummy, if you are interested in these types of art. You will definitely get a pretty fair picture of what your desired result would be. It will help you decide whether the results you are getting from the dummy are actually the desired one, before investing humongous amounts in raw materials, and not being able to create a sustainable business out of this.

So, for everyone interested in fashion and interior designing, or any such other art form, I would urge you do try putting your ideas in your tiny models. Just ignite the spark. And let us know how it went!

Let’s start the Journey !

The idea for this blog site has sprouted from love for fashion and lifestyle, and certainly love for writing. The foundation and the name – Shall We Dazzle – have budded from the wish to have a brand, who would be known by all those who share the same passion, for those little things in life which make us happy.

My wish is for us to go through this adventure together, to share our experiences and happiness, to discover new things, and to express ourselves.

I hope every little girl and every little boy, every young girl and every young boy, every young lady and every young man, follow their dreams and find a way to dazzle.

So, shall we start this journey and dazzle along the way?