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The fashion mistakes you don’t want to make, Guys – Vol. 1: Dress Shirts

You probably have had those times (lucky you, if you haven’t) where that fully rehearsed demeanor and natural confidence just isn’t projecting that wanted image because it is being marred by a sloppy and not-so-crisp outfit.

Well that shouldn’t be something to worry about, nor does it require any superpowers; just some extra time, thought, and maybe the below guide?

Dress Shirts

There are 5 points to bear in mind when choosing your dress shirt: the collar, the cuffs and sleeves, the shoulder seam, and the shirt length.

  1. The collar should only brush on your neck, without being too narrow and cramping it. The collar shouldn’t itself be moving with every twist of the neck and turn of the head. The acid test for the correct size would be to fit two fingers inside of the buttoned collar, sliding it across briefly, without feeling the tug against the neck.
  2. The cuffs really shouldn’t be covering the hands, nor uncovering the wrist bone. The desirable height would be where the palm begins, and not too loose: the thumb notch should stop the cuff from covering the hand. And you would want the cuff to cover the watch you are wearing.
  3. Since shirts come in standard sizes, it is sometimes difficult to cater for each and every particular body type. This is where tailors come in handy! Just as cuffs, sleeves can be a real problem. The key is to find the correct size balance: not too tight to draw out the details of the arms, not too loose to flap around.
  4. The shoulder seam is the easiest to judge correctly – from the shoulder bone – but the importance of it shouldn’t be disregarded, albeit a simple aspect.
  5. And lastly, the shirt length. Not a difficult one either, just need to be careful about what happens to the shirt during day-to-day movements. For example, you wouldn’t want the shirt to get untucked when bending, stretching to retrieve something or when folding your hands behind your head. Along the same line, having too tight armholes around the shoulder would also limit freedom of movement.

So the advice would be to ensure to check out those points when trying out your next shirts at the retailers. And of course, the key thing is to be comfortable in whatever you wear.

Do you have anything which you look out for in particular when buying dress shirts? Feel free to share in the comments section below, I’d love to hear about it!


Vol 1: Dress Shirts


Berluti mens leather shoes

Mens dress shirt
$27 – newchic.com

HUGO men s accessory
$125 – coggles.com


Yves Saint Laurent men s eyeglass
$315 – julian-fashion.com

Paco Rabanne men s fragrance
$105 – harveynichols.com


Jeans on Jeans

Jeans on jeans – this is something I want to try lately. From memory, the last time I wore a jeans jacket was in 2004, and it happened to be paired with jeans (because I LIVED in jeans back then!).

So here I am, trying to come up with the complete look before I venture out to look for the pieces.

I started with the J.Crew jeans jacket, because this is the main thing I want to wear. Then I chose a simple A-line Madewell jeans skirt, for a girly feel, because the jacket I selected is in a very classic cut which I think would give a masculine aspect if paired with jean pants.

To accessorise, a simple Jadetribe pompom clutch (because I am T.O.T.A.L.L.Y in love with pompom ever since I bought one America & Beyond pompom shoulder bag from ASOS). I liked a hot pink D&G handbag and a baby pink Dior as well, but not with this look – that would have contrasted too much with the grungy style.

Then, Valentino ballerinas in nude noisette colour, so as not to steal the limelight from the handbag. I like accentuating on one item in the outfit only in terms of colour, and then keeping the rest in the same colour family – feels less cluttered, more breathing space.

The earrings are simple Carolee rose gold button earrings. In my opinion, button earrings are THE thing which make girls look so so cute! ^_^ for me, they definitely bring cuteness to any face structure, be it hot and sexy, stern, timid; button earrings just have their own charm.
That’s the only jewellery piece I would like to wear with it. No bracelet, as I might not want to roll up my sleeves. And even if I do, it’s no sin to be sparse with your jewellery.

Simple makeup as well, for the eyes and lips. Charlotte Tilbury’s cream eyeshadow in nude, and Chanel Rouge Allure lip-gloss. I would want to just apply a light stroke in my inner eye rim, to intensify the eyes, without making it seemed dolled-up with too much eyeliner.

Last accessory piece: just look at that iPhone jeans casing, cutest thing I’ve seen today, the jeans pocket with makeup brushes peeking out. I’ve actually thought of keeping makeup brushes with me in this way. Once. Long-time back.

And if you are hitting town during daylight, don’t forget your sunglasses! These ones are Linda Farrow aviator sunglasses, and I especially love the rose-gold colour.

Jeans on Jeans

J Crew stripe jacket
$94 – net-a-porter.com

Valentino slip on flat
$560 – fashionette.co.uk

JADEtribe clutch

Iphoria iphone cover case
$51 – shopbop.com

Chanel glossy lip gloss

Safari Night Party

Safari Night Party


White a line dress

Stuart Weitzman suede flat
$405 – neimanmarcus.com

Furla red crossbody

Rosantica gold cuff bangle

Avigail Adam hair comb accessory
$55 – shopbop.com

Burberry shiny lip gloss
$34 – burberry.com

Facial Oils and their benefits

I know this must have been around since a long time, but the fad is only quite recent: face oils ❤

You probably wouldn’t want to apply oil to your face if you cringe at the thought of doing the same to your hair. But face oils are really THE thing to keep your face hydrated and glowing.

I absolutely love this one: the Avon Miracle Glow. It’s the first I have tried, and absolutely wonderful.

I’ve made a list of some tried-and-tested reasons on why I think you should try face oils:

  1. It takes moisturising to another level, combined with day cream or night cream, these will make the skin supple and give it that much wanted elasticity for a younger look.
  2. The lightweight formula triggers better absorption and will boost the active ingredients in your cream. So that doubles the benefit.
  3. It basically acts as food to your skin because of the natural botanical oils in it.
  4. Facial oil gives a calming and softening feeling to the skin, so bye-bye to irritation.
  5. Then there is that rebalancing benefit (think along good cholesterol fighting the bad one), that’s what happens as it helps rebalance the excess oil production in the skin.
  6. And just because it gives that much sought-after glow!

Here are a few of other facial oils you can try. Keep dazzling! xoxo

Facial Oils and their benefits

L Oréal Paris face care
$25 – thehut.com

Natura Bissé face care
$170 – net-a-porter.com

Clinique skin care

Christian Dior face care

Manuka face care
$25 – thehut.com

Guerlain face care
$110 – harrods.com