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What do the Senses say about Indian Gastronomy?

The assortment of tastes tells,
Enticingly spicy and aromatic smells
So many flavours,
So many colours
Hot and refreshing,
My senses are buzzing

The round shape of the Golgappa,
The cooling effect of the Raita
Sweet Tamarind peeking around to tame,
Fiery Cumin exciting the piquant flame
Tangy taste of chutney and pickle,
My palate they tickle

Papadums, so crispy
And Naans, so chewy
The spices obliterate a favourite jalapeno,
While I embrace the subtle taste of mashed potato

Taking me back to the root,
Will make me cheer, and not hoot
What’s better than Indian food,
Heaven must be feeling this good.

Chutneys and Pickle
Golgappas and Tamarind Chutney
Clockwise from top left: Dal Makhani, Naan, Vegetable Raita, Tandoori Fish

Jeans on Jeans

Jeans on jeans – this is something I want to try lately. From memory, the last time I wore a jeans jacket was in 2004, and it happened to be paired with jeans (because I LIVED in jeans back then!).

So here I am, trying to come up with the complete look before I venture out to look for the pieces.

I started with the J.Crew jeans jacket, because this is the main thing I want to wear. Then I chose a simple A-line Madewell jeans skirt, for a girly feel, because the jacket I selected is in a very classic cut which I think would give a masculine aspect if paired with jean pants.

To accessorise, a simple Jadetribe pompom clutch (because I am T.O.T.A.L.L.Y in love with pompom ever since I bought one America & Beyond pompom shoulder bag from ASOS). I liked a hot pink D&G handbag and a baby pink Dior as well, but not with this look – that would have contrasted too much with the grungy style.

Then, Valentino ballerinas in nude noisette colour, so as not to steal the limelight from the handbag. I like accentuating on one item in the outfit only in terms of colour, and then keeping the rest in the same colour family – feels less cluttered, more breathing space.

The earrings are simple Carolee rose gold button earrings. In my opinion, button earrings are THE thing which make girls look so so cute! ^_^ for me, they definitely bring cuteness to any face structure, be it hot and sexy, stern, timid; button earrings just have their own charm.
That’s the only jewellery piece I would like to wear with it. No bracelet, as I might not want to roll up my sleeves. And even if I do, it’s no sin to be sparse with your jewellery.

Simple makeup as well, for the eyes and lips. Charlotte Tilbury’s cream eyeshadow in nude, and Chanel Rouge Allure lip-gloss. I would want to just apply a light stroke in my inner eye rim, to intensify the eyes, without making it seemed dolled-up with too much eyeliner.

Last accessory piece: just look at that iPhone jeans casing, cutest thing I’ve seen today, the jeans pocket with makeup brushes peeking out. I’ve actually thought of keeping makeup brushes with me in this way. Once. Long-time back.

And if you are hitting town during daylight, don’t forget your sunglasses! These ones are Linda Farrow aviator sunglasses, and I especially love the rose-gold colour.

Jeans on Jeans

J Crew stripe jacket
$94 – net-a-porter.com

Valentino slip on flat
$560 – fashionette.co.uk

JADEtribe clutch

Iphoria iphone cover case
$51 – shopbop.com

Chanel glossy lip gloss


Turns out I (and actually all the people I know) have been living a lie all this while. I’ve been calling it Ah-sos since 2012 when I first purchased from the website. Although nothing beats the real shopping sprees for me, I adore that website for its free shipping, yipeee !

Then, I came across a Cosmopolitan article by Danielle Tullo, who sheds some light on how the actual ASOS people call their business, and voilà, it’s: ACE-OSS!

So you see? We’re always learning new things, and getting our minds blown everywhere.

That was about the phonetics, grammar and all literature I could give you on ASOS for today. Let’s move to the pictures below now.

I wanted to show all you dazzlers my outfit for the fashion/makeup show I went to last Saturday, spoken about in my previous post Adornment.

I was in black, because that’s the classiest colour I know of, and I L.O.V.E it. That’s a Yumi black jumpsuit pictured, in a very comfy light woven fabric, and a pretty embossed lace bodice. I especially loved the large pants.

I added a pair of Carla Berotti black high heels sandals with AB crystals, to stay in the same tone, but with some sparkles. And sky blue nail polish in Avon’s Arctic Waters.

And since we obviously cannot not accessorise, I added splash of colours to the outfit from my Cara NY earrings, bracelet and an America & Beyond cross-body bag.

For me, this handbag was the PERFECT match to this outfit and occasion, as it’s a very colourful bag, quirky with those little pompoms (^_^), gives an Indian touch to the look, and because I needed something quite large to carry my Canon to click away throughout the event.

Now you must be thinking about why I chose the title above for the article right? Simply because, except for the shoes, I got the whole outfit from ASOS!

If you liked my look or even if you did not, please leave a comment in the section below to let me know, subscribe to my website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter , and keep dazzling!



First post for 2017 Dazzlers, Wish you all a very happy new year!

I am thrilled to start this year’s series with some exciting stuff: a makeup and fashion show!

Lady behind all of this: Sajeda Yadallee – a MUA with over 10 years’ experience, whom I’ve had the chance to meet during the event – sweet lady, she is!

So, this was her first show: Adorn. And we can of course go on and on, on the importance of adorning for ladies of every age.

First fashion and makeup show? It was my first as well! Hence, a super cool experience. Cherry on the cake: front row VIP tickets, and being able to see those gorgeous outfits and beautifully done faces up-close.

Interestingly, the eye-treat was not from outfits or makeup, but also from the hairstyles and accessories. Yay, for fashion treats!!

Casual chic, evening, Arabian, and bridal – we got to see them all, and in great ambience.

My personal favourite outfit was the red crop top and the white calf-length flowery skirt, paired with nude shoes and handbag. Just loved it.

My favourite makeup was the evening one matching the black dress. It’s one of the evening makeup looks from Sajeda’s repertoire. I seriously need to adopt this.

Enough said. I will now let you revel in the pictures from the event. They speak for themselves.

Enjoy dazzlers!


My Favourite Outfit


My Favourite Makeup Look


To choose or not to choose, that is the question


The norm these days is to adopt the herd mentality, because it’s the easiest thing to do. The world, and what everyone else is doing is only a thumb-touch away, so why engage in the nuisance of conceiving something new?

A few people, hither and thither, are making the effort to bust the myths and try new things. Like the first video of 100-layers of whatsoever which triggered hundreds of other 100-layers ones. You must have come across videos of those who’ve tried a hundreds of layers of foundation (please just let the skin breathe) or hundreds of layers of nail polish (sometimes it’s so hard to properly remove the layers of base-polish-polish-top coats, I wonder how unbearable the hundred layers were! ).

Disclaimer: note that the above is not an example of a valuable experiment, for me.

Even so, I truly appreciate the fact that there are people who are experimenting with those things. I must admit, I love seeing tried-and-tested stuff. Not because I will want to follow the lead and try a variation of the experiment myself. Only because I learn from them, and they motivate me to look out for new (hopefully, useful-for-everyone) things to try !

The mother of invention does not always have to be necessity. It can also be a sense of altruism, and for the betterment of mankind (okay, at least for the people surrounding us, for a start)

Yes! I assure you, we all have inventor-genes, as humans. Think along the lines of survival instincts, life hacks, and you will be surprised at how much potential you may have 

So, believe in yourself and choose: whether to take the beaten path, or to carve your own !

When are the next island holidays?

Holidaying on an island is the best form of relaxation I know of! Being an islander myself, I always long for holidays in bustling cities like London, Milan or Luxembourg (let’s face it, nothing beats shopping in these places, right?). Still, there is something so rejuvenating with dawdling on an island that you just feel like going back.

One such island is the Zanzibar island, located some 2.5 hours north-east, by a really cool ferry trip, from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

TBH, Zanzibar was unknown to me until the planned trip. Yet I was amazed by all that the island had to offer: the slave route (I got goosebumps from all that history running around), the absolutely fantastic Sea-Cliff Resort and Spa (and I’ll get back to that below), the prison island (have you ever seen water this blue?), and the spice route (discovery, discovery).

Back to the resort, I hadn’t felt so peaceful in ages before that, close to a retreat…couldn’t bring myself to leave the place (Nooooooo!…).

In Anticipation of my next holidays…Zanzibar stays engraved in my mind and I still get this comforting feeling when I think of it. The food, the aura, the authentic Africa feel, the balmy night breeze, the undefiled air, the graceful blending of everything, something compelling you to simply relax and let go… Can I please go back?

Dusk in Sea Cliff Resort
Aqua Ad Infinitum
Approaching Prison Island
The Old Prison

Sunset, Sea, and Solitude

Imagine spending a tiring day at work.
Imagine now closing your laptop, ready to go home.
What if, instead of going home, you decide on a detour by the seaside!
Tempting, isn’t it?
To enjoy the beautiful sunset, the cool sand, the soft breeze, the calming sound of the sea waves, feet in the water, sipping on fresh coconut water…
Your own personal solitude
My way to relax


Safari Night Party

Safari Night Party


White a line dress

Stuart Weitzman suede flat
$405 – neimanmarcus.com

Furla red crossbody

Rosantica gold cuff bangle

Avigail Adam hair comb accessory
$55 – shopbop.com

Burberry shiny lip gloss
$34 – burberry.com

Porlwi By Light – A very little glimpse

Sometimes the unexpected is more beautiful…

These are the only pictures, I managed to get from the PorlwiByLight festival. Was so eager to be part of the festival and make the most of it that I was ready to go there on all 3 days it was being held. The only killjoy was the rain as they had to stop the lighting arrangements for security reasons. Still it was a beautiful feeling, filled with eager people from all over the country, to enjoy a truly Mauritian event.

But despite the rain, I am still very much determined in going back the next time such a festival is organised !

So if you are coming to Mauritius, do make it a must to plan your trip during early December when you can enjoy the Porlwi by Light ! Keep dazzling, xoxo


Facial Oils and their benefits

I know this must have been around since a long time, but the fad is only quite recent: face oils ❤

You probably wouldn’t want to apply oil to your face if you cringe at the thought of doing the same to your hair. But face oils are really THE thing to keep your face hydrated and glowing.

I absolutely love this one: the Avon Miracle Glow. It’s the first I have tried, and absolutely wonderful.

I’ve made a list of some tried-and-tested reasons on why I think you should try face oils:

  1. It takes moisturising to another level, combined with day cream or night cream, these will make the skin supple and give it that much wanted elasticity for a younger look.
  2. The lightweight formula triggers better absorption and will boost the active ingredients in your cream. So that doubles the benefit.
  3. It basically acts as food to your skin because of the natural botanical oils in it.
  4. Facial oil gives a calming and softening feeling to the skin, so bye-bye to irritation.
  5. Then there is that rebalancing benefit (think along good cholesterol fighting the bad one), that’s what happens as it helps rebalance the excess oil production in the skin.
  6. And just because it gives that much sought-after glow!

Here are a few of other facial oils you can try. Keep dazzling! xoxo

Facial Oils and their benefits

L Oréal Paris face care
$25 – thehut.com

Natura Bissé face care
$170 – net-a-porter.com

Clinique skin care

Christian Dior face care

Manuka face care
$25 – thehut.com

Guerlain face care
$110 – harrods.com