30 Fantastic Websites for All Your Travel Plans - 1. Skyscanner Looking to save time by visiting a flights-hotels-car hire website? Skyscanner is my favourite, because of the fantastic deals! Highly interactive – Searches for flights can easily be sorted by number of stops, departure and arrival times, airlines and whether you want to travel to and back through the same airport. (Useful if […]
To choose or not to choose, that is the question - The norm these days is to adopt the herd mentality, because it’s the easiest thing to do. The world, and what everyone else is doing is only a thumb-touch away, so why engage in the nuisance of conceiving something new? A few people, hither and thither, are making the effort to bust the myths and try […]
When are the next island holidays? - Holidaying on an island is the best form of relaxation I know of! Being an islander myself, I always long for holidays in bustling cities like London, Milan or Luxembourg (let’s face it, nothing beats shopping in these places, right?). Still, there is something so rejuvenating with dawdling on an island that you just feel […]
Sunset, Sea, and Solitude - Imagine spending a tiring day at work. Imagine now closing your laptop, ready to go home. What if, instead of going home, you decide on a detour by the seaside! Tempting, isn’t it? To enjoy the beautiful sunset, the cool sand, the soft breeze, the calming sound of the sea waves, feet in the water, […]
Porlwi By Light – A very little glimpse - Sometimes the unexpected is more beautiful… These are the only pictures, I managed to get from the PorlwiByLight festival. Was so eager to be part of the festival and make the most of it that I was ready to go there on all 3 days it was being held. The only killjoy was the rain […]

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